EO Mentorship

EO Mentorship

EO Mentorship fosters relationships aimed at high-level leadership and personal development within a structured timeframe. Throughout the mentorship process, Mentees work toward goals and establish personal accountability, while Mentors support them through experience-sharing and engagement.

How does it work?

You can participate in EO’s mentorship program in one of two dynamic ways:

1. Virtual Cross-Chapter Program: Complete this survey for an invitation to MentorCloud, EO’s virtual mentorship platform. Here, you can see others seeking a mentor in areas where you have expertize, or individuals who have experience in areas where you, yourself, are seeking mentorship. Engage with our global community of entrepreneurs to take your mentorship journey to the next level!

2. Chapter-Based Program: Over 80 of our 180+ EO chapters have programs facilitated by their chapter mentorship chair. Within these programs, you may be mentored by another EO member, YPO member, strategic alliance partner or other professionals from your community. Additionally, you may have the opportunity to act as a mentor for another EO member, Accelerator participant, GSEA student, or others. Contact us to see if your EO chapter has its own local program.

With both program types, it is best practice for the Mentee and Mentor to meet for 1-2 hours each month to work toward setting and realizing personalized, measurable and attainable goals. It’s important to note that Mentees drive the relationship, through setting each meeting and arriving prepared with clear goals in mind. After 10-12 months, the pair can end the relationship with a celebration of achievements or choose to extend for an additional time period.

Become a Mentor

When you were starting your business, did you ever wish you had someone to talk to who was further along in their own entrepreneurial journey? Now you can do that for someone else! Be a Mentor and share your knowledge with a Mentee to help them gain a new outlook on their goals and business.

Become a Mentee

Sometimes it is difficult to see your business from the outside. Let your Mentor give you the 10,000-foot view you're missing! As a Mentee, you can take control of your growth in business and beyond by working with a Mentor to achieve goals and gain fresh perspectives.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Interested in becoming a mentee?